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Chicken Facts

Remember: Roosters are not required for egg production!

Why Raise Chickens?

Make chickens part of your sustainable garden environment and eggs part of your healthy eating habit.

• Chickens are interactive pets that keep garden insect pests, snails and slugs at bay.

• Chickens are friendly, fun and responsive and produce delicious, home grown, organic eggs.

• Chickens convert vegetable table leftovers into first-rate fertilizer.

Happy chickens in Sebastopol, CA
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Wine Country Coops are designed for nesting, feeding and protecting your flock from predators and the elements. Your birds will lay and eat in the coop but need free range to hunt for weeds, bugs and pests and to stretch their wings. Chickens normally stay close to their coop and are remarkably pet and car savvy. Check with your zoning restrictions, however, to make sure they are permitted in your neighborhood. It may be that chickens are permitted but roosters aren't.

Having fun with chickens!

Things you should know about your new
Wine Country Coop


• Wine Country Coops can arrange for custom delivery and installation whatever your location.

• The base may be attached to concrete blocks, which may be cemented to the ground.

• The coop should be set level.

Site and Surroundings

• Chickens like to scratch and explore during the daylight hours in a backyard, garden or any natural place, and will retire to the coop at dusk.

• Chickens will feed and roost (spend the dark hours) in safety in their coop.
It is not necessary to have an enclosed area for chickens, but remember, they like to explore and may disturb new seedlings as they search for bugs and slugs.

Taking Care of your Flock

• Chickens rise with the sun and retire at dusk. Make sure to close their access
door before you go to bed and open it in the morning.

• Keep an in-coop feed-dispenser well stocked with hen food and freshen the coop water supply as required. Maintain an additional supply of water on the grounds of the coop.

• We like to supplement our chicken's diet with hen scratch (a seed mixture) and oyster shell (calcium for strong egg shells).

• Collect eggs every day.

Maintenance and Safety from Predators

• You will find that the coop remains remarkably clean.

• Spray down the interior of the house as required.

• Line nests with 3-4 inches of fresh straw and replace as necessary.

• Our chicken houses are safe from nocturnal predators such as raccoons and possums.

Tips for Raising Happy, Healthy Birds

• Chickens do well in dry, wet, hot and cold climates.

• Your flock will shelter in the coop during wet weather.

• Chickens roost side by side to keep warm at night.

• Hens do not require a rooster to produce healthy eggs.

• Your birds will appreciate any vegetable table scraps or leftovers
including cheese, bread, pizza, rice and garden produce.

• Chickens love grapevine leaves and berries.
Why not raise Zinfandel fed hens?

You will find that chickens are a fun addition to your household. Fresh eggs daily, scurrying chickens that run to meet you, and happy birds that appreciate your attention, are just some of the delights that await you.


We stand by our products. Call founders, James Stamp or Elizabeth Quinto
(707 829 8405), at any time for assistance or to order your Wine Country Coop.

Cluck, cluck!!!

Chicken Breeds and Purchasing your Flock

Call for advice on where to buy your flock and on the many different breeds of chickens that are available.


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