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Design Features

Complete Assembly in less than 10 minutes!
Wine Country Coop chicken houses are built and assembled to exacting specifications. The body, base and roof are completely pre-assembled requiring only 8 provided, pre-drilled, self-tapping bolts to fasten legs to body structure.

  • Final assembly involves fastening legs to each corner of coop using 8 provided, pre-drilled, self-tapping bolts.

  • Bolt drive drill bit provided with each coop.

  • Assembly of legs and completion of coop structure should take no more than 10 minutes.

No fuss, carefree chicken residence on a raised platform with enough space for a whole flock. Our coops are well-ventilated yet cozy, providing excellent protection from weather.


Coops have three built in lodge poles designed for comfortable roosting through those long winter nights.
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Easy, outdoor access to nests for egg collection and nest material replacement.
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•Multiple nests and built-in roosts in our standard plan coop provide enough space to house 12 chickens in comfort.

• Eggs are easy to collect and nesting materials may be replaced easily from the outside.

•Windows provide view of chickens and naturally illuminated interior while shuttered openings provide summer ventilation and winter warmth.

•Wire mesh flooring prevents dropping collection in the house while chicken access below eliminates waste accumulation.

•Each coop is provided with a door and ramp for chicken movement between the coop and surroundings while a separate door at waist height makes watering, feeding, and maintenance easy


Fun for Friends and Family!

Shed style coop with Forest Green polycarbonate roof.
Our coops have one door for chickens (with ladder) and
one access door for feeding, watering, and resting with
your favorite hen!

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